Static surveys and tests

Following are the main information for static valuation and tests carried out.

Customer: Public - ICCD Central Institute for Cataloguing and Documentation - Ministry of Heritage and Cultural Activities - Rome

Static valuation S. Michele Complex - Along Tevere portion ICCD Institute - Rome

2012/2013 - Static valuation

Cubage v/p: 22.500 mc

Vista aerea della porzione lungo Tevere

Customer: Public - Comune di Thiene (VI)

Static test of new outdoor canopy of Municipal Theater in Thiene (VI)

2013 - Static test during construction

Vista delle pensiline esterne

Customer: Public - Comune di Casier (TV)

Preparatory works to the adjustment of the seismic portion of the primary school "S. Francesco" used as a nursery - Phase 1

Static test of enlargement and restructuring

2012 - Static test

Vista aerea

Customer: Public - Comune di Cadoneghe (PD)

Maintenance, upgrading and antifire upgrading of School complex on G. Galilei-Rigotti road in Cadoneghe-2nd Excerpt

2010 - Static and Technical Administrative test

Customer: Public - Comune di Tramonti di Sopra (PN)

Renovation of a footbridge in Plan di Meduna (PN)

Span lenght: 108 m.

2008/2009 - Static test

Vista della passerella Vista dal basso della passerella

Customer: Private - Impresa cooperativa di Costruzioni generali CLEA - (Ve)

New construction of n. 2 buildings to residential use for PEEP Nucleo 7, in Mandria (PD)

2007 - Static test

Customer: Private - Manufacture de Souliers LOUIS VUITTON S.r.l.

New footwear production implant LOUIS VUITTON "FIESSO 2" - Fiesso d'artico (VE)

2007/2009 - Static test during construction

Vista notturna dello stabilimento Vista del giardino interno

Customer: Private - Acegas-APS S.p.a. - Maestri del Lavoro road, 8 - 34132 Trieste (TS)

Remaking the hoop prestress outside of the tank at the water center Stanga - Padova

2005 - Static test during construction

Vista aerea Vista del serbatoio durante i lavori

Customer: Private - Acegas-APS S.p.a. - Maestri del Lavoro road, 8 - 34132 Trieste (TS)

Construztion of a footbridge over Canale Scaricatore, in district n.4 south-east in Padua/p>

2005 - Static test with static calculation verfication

Vista aerea Dettaglio